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Meeting Individual Needs

Insurance professionals work hard to identify the carrier(s) and policies that are right for you and your family.  Our own expert's personal insurance plans provide you the confidence and security you and your family need to focus on what is really important. The types of personal insurance protection we offer include automobile, ATV, Boat and Marine, Homeowner’s, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Home and RV, Flood, Earthquake, Condominium, Investment/Rental Property, Valuable Items, High Net Worth, Personal Umbrella and more.

Our experts seek to learn both your short-term and long-term needs and objectives, and to put your planning and insurance needs in perspective so as to best afford you the opportunity to fulfill them. Visit an insurance company website today to receive free quotes from multiple insurance carriers. For your auto, home and personal insurance needs, you receive the services of professional agents who genuinely care about getting you the best policies at the best prices, every time.

When you choose Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. believes in providing both great products and great service, which is why our agents take the time to listen to and discuss your needs, as well as to answer any and all of your insurance-related questions. Our personal insurance products provide protection for your home, your car and your personal possessions, as well as to provide coverage of your personal liability. Our insurance products work to protect the things that matter most to you and your family, giving you the support and peace of mind you really deserve.

Getting Your Company Insured

Many factors that determine the policy rates include the kind of work your company undertakes, total payroll expenses and grow receipts. This is why our professional insurance experts provide you the information and insight you need to make the best decision possible when it comes to purchasing a type of liability insurance for your company, whether that coverage amount to one, two or three million dollars.

The level of liability insurance you select will serve to protect you and your company during claims from a number of sources, including liability incurred from accidents, contractual liability, manufactured products and more. Their agents provide companies and contractors a variety of competitively priced general liability insurance options, those that help to safeguard both company owners and operators from claims that can come from nearly anybody and from anywhere.

When purchasing a general liability plan, much like an auto plan, you will be required to first make a down payment, and to follow up with installment payments. Our insurance agents understand the necessity of liability insurance, particularly as a way to provide insurance to every company employee so as to protect the company from significant financial liability well into the future. Businesses and general contractors typically find it difficult to operate efficiently and effectively without some form of general liability insurance.

The general liability insurance options available through Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc professionals know, determines the cost of the plan. This is based on a formula percentage, one that is designed to get each customer the most service for the least possible cost. The company focuses on customer service and satisfaction over profit margins.


Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. - Worker’s Compensation Coverage

For most employers, worker’s compensation insurance is required by law, as the business must carry the coverage needed to provide compensation to employees for medical bills and lost wages incurred as a result of on-the-job injuries. Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. provides employers the option to compare worker’s compensation coverage quotes from multiple insurance carriers, helping businesses receive the best rate and save as much money as possible.

Worker’s Compensation insurance, for better or worse, is a must-have for any business operation, and is generally the biggest part of insurance expense for any business. With something so essential to the protection of an employer, it’s important to know that you, the business owner, are benefitting from a worker’s compensation insurance solution that is saving you as much money as possible. As an independent insurance firm, Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. is able to provide competitively-priced worker’s compensation policies from a variety of reputable insurance carriers, affording business owners like yourself the opportunity to select the plan that saves you the most money possible.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. agents want you and your business to be fully protected should an on-site injury ever occur. This is why they seek to provide the best worker’s compensation and business insurance policies available on the market today. Western Gold professionals strive to provide solutions that work best for the individual business owner, and work tirelessly to find these solutions for every client.

Find out how much money your business can save on worker’s compensation insurance. Contact a Western Gold independent agent as soon as possible to find out more.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. - Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. agents provide businesses and business owners a variety of options when it comes to their commercial insurance needs. One of those options is commercial auto insurance, a must-have for any company that owns and operates vehicles for any number of business purposes.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. professionals provide business owners comparative and no-cost quotes on commercial auto insurance policies from a variety of reputable insurance carriers, insuring businesses receive the best selection, service, coverage and rates possible. Commercial automobile policies are required, by law, under most circumstances where an automobile is used in a commercial capacity. This requirement is not only determined by the vehicle’s registration, but also by such factors as corporate ownership, the use of the vehicle for hauling goods for hire and the vehicle’s gross weight.

As Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. agents know, commercial auto policies, unlike private passenger policies, aren’t regulated in terms of pricing, which ultimately leads to a price competition between insurance carriers when it comes to quality commercial automobile insurance. This can be a major benefit to the commercial auto insurance buyer, who can take advantage of competitive rates, save money and rest assured in the knowledge that they are receiving high-quality commercial auto insurance protection.

Western Gold offers business owners the chance to compare quotes from multiple commercial auto insurance carriers at no cost to them. Find out how much a Western Gold commercial auto plan can save you and your company by visiting or contacting a Western Gold agent today.


Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. - Consider a Quality Builders’ Risk Insurance Plan

If you’re a contractor, property developer or even a homeowner, and are about to break ground on a new building construction project, consider a quality Builders’ Risk Insurance policy from Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. today. A Builders’ Risk Insurance Risk policy is one of the best ways to cover yourself, your project and your building during the course of construction, ensuring you have the financial protection you and/or your company needs to achieve successful project completion.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. Builders’ Risk Insurance covers the contractor’s materials both on the job site before installation, and while in transit towards the job itself. This policy also covers the property’s value throughout the construction process, all the way up to completion and acceptance by the property owner.

A Builders’ Risk Insurance policy may also be written to include coverage of the entire structure for new construction projects, or for the cost of related renovation and remodeling projects. Specific projects, such as a remodeled bathroom, a new deck or the addition of a new room, may also be covered by one of these plans.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc., a leader in builders’ risk insurance, wants every client undertaking a new construction project to be fully protected throughout the process, and to have a policy they know they can trust should something unexpected happen. This is why they continue to provide free quotes on quality builders’ risk policies from reputable carriers, providing builders the best rates and policies available on the market.